Thank you so much for purchasing my book, Lookers into Bookers.

Below you will see the files, organised by chapter, that accompany the book. I shall update and add to this over time and inform you when I do. I hope these, and the book, helps you to grow your business.

Downloadable files

Content Marketing Calendar

This was created in Airtable and can be used as a guide to create your own marketing calendar.

Video Workshops

The Colour Wheel Method Workshop

The Basics of Google Analytics Workshop

How to use Atlas

Video Strategies Workshop

Facebook Ad Funnels Workshop

How to Rank on TripAdvisor

Bonus Videos

Growing Your Tour Business Through Linkedin - The Digital Tourism Show #208

Peter Syme of 1000 Mile Journeys and Splash! White WaterRafting, drops by to chat about how he has made six figures growing his business through a seldom used social platform for the tours and activities sector... LinkedIn.

The Future of Booking Systems with Oskar Bruening of PeekPro – The Digital Tourism Show #197

Chris and Oskar chat about the future of booking systems in the wake of acquisitions from TripAdvisor and, the recent announcements by TripAdvisor, selecting the right booking platform for your business and PeekPro's direct integration with Google and how this will help suppliers.

Why Tourism Marketing Should Invest in GOOD Translation - Digital Tourism Show #196

Justine Chrisment is a top tourism marketer with TMA and also runs her own business, The Language Distillery, providing translation services. Justine will explain 'Why Tourism Marketing Should Invest in GOOD Translation'. In this talk, we will discuss the importance of good translation: how it is vital to make information accessible to your target audience, and we'll discuss how well-translated content can be used as a unique selling point to win new business opportunities.

The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities – The Digital Tourism Show #194

Having worked in the tours and activities industry for many years now, I can confidently report that the last 24 months have seen some of the industry’s most exciting and interesting developments. As these huge changes appear on the horizon, every online travel agent (OTA) and booking platform — both big and small — is positioning and preparing itself. But who will ultimately dominate the market? With this blog, I’ll look at the big three OTAs, Google’s entry into the tours and activities sector, and I’ll explain how suppliers can make sure they’re ready for the changing digital environment.

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