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As a tour operator, you may be in one of three places right now:

  1. You want to grow your tour business but can’t afford an agency
  2. You have an agency but they are underperforming
  3. You have an established marketing team but are looking for more creative ideas to implement

The team here at the Tourism Marketing Agency will help you overcome your marketing challenges and guide you along the right path, providing practical advice and guidance that will enable you to better market and grow your business.

Not only will you have access to our paid advertising, social media, content, strategy, and SEO experts, you will also have a 1-hour consultation with author and tourism marketing expert, Chris Torres; this consultation alone is usually worth $500 and we also add access to select video workshops and guides that Chris has created.

We want to help you succeed in your marketing efforts; this takes time and commitment from both parties and it is why our consultation service extends over a minimum of six months.

During this process we will provide you with:

  • A 1-hour monthly call with one of our experts
  • Practical advice and takeaways that you can implement immediately
  • A 6-month marketing strategy that you and your team can implement
  • A 1-hour consultation with Chris on month 3 (this is recorded, so you can keep it and refer back later)

By consulting with our team, you will, in effect, be gaining the services of a full marketing team worth over $350k per year with over 50 years combined marketing experience — and you’ll get this all for only $200 per month*.

*We understand you may wish to see if we are a perfect fit for your business – this is why we will offer our first month for only $100 – half our usual price, with the option to cancel on month one.

Our consultation service has limited spaces so please fill out the form below to book your slot and let us help you turn your lookers into bookers.

*Our consultation services are provided online only and are conducted by phone, video conference, or email (or a combination of all three). Consultation does not include any of our hands-on services and packages, which are available to be taken out at any time. You can cancel after our initial consultation on month one, no questions asked. Once month two commences, the minimum term is 6 months.

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