Chris is a Brand and Digital Tourism Expert with over 26 years’ industry knowledge. He speaks at many tourism events worldwide, offering advice and guidance on how travel, tourism and destination businesses can gain brand recognition and increase bookings

Chris Torres - Author or Lookers into Bookers

Like many people who end up owning their own business, Chris left school at 16 and instantly jumped into the world of work.

He began working as an illustrator for a company that made children’s education books and this job gave him a love for design. From there, he began teaching himself graphic design, web design, and marketing (both traditional and digital). Every skill he has developed over the years has been self taught — and being self taught has suited Chris’ personality as it allows him to think outside of the box when executing marketing campaigns.

26 years later, Chris has now accumulated a vast amount of experience working in brand development and marketing, and has spent the last 13 years running his own company, Senshi Digital, which began as a web design company with additional SEO services. Soon after they launched, Chris realised that Senshi had a flair for marketing and that they loved working with tourism brands. One of their very first customers was a small adventure company called Macs Adventure, run by Neil Lapping.

Tourism interests Chris because it is a vibrant, ever-changing industry; it’s about traveling, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures. Gradually, Senshi became a dedicated web design and digital marketing company for tourism brands. Then, as marketing came to the fore, Chris sold Senshi and the Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA) was born. It was also easier to explain the name!

Around 80% of TMA’s customer base is now outside the UK and they have worked with some of the biggest players in the industry, including Gray Line, the oldest and largest sightseeing company in the world.

TMA helps businesses from all over Europe, The Americans, Asia, and even Antarctica. This has given Chris and his team vast knowledge and expertise of marketing to, and within, multiple destinations.

Chris and TMA have won numerous awards over the years, such as Best Tourism Website, Best Digital Agency and Scottish SME Businessman of the Year 2018. Chris speaks at numerous tourism events each year, such as the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) conferences, several Gray Line conferences, and the best tours and activities event of them all: Arival! Chris felt it was a tremendous honour to speak at both Arival Las Vegas and Arival Berlin.

For well over a decade, Chris has lived and breathed marketing for the tours and activities sector, and this book is his attempt to compile most of what he’s learned into a practical resource for anyone who needs some help turning those lookers into bookers.

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